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Tortas de Aceite

Tortas de Aceite Vegajardin are so delicious! Taste our Spanish Olive Oil Tortas.

Spanish TORTAS DE ACEITE are Spanish Olive Oil Tortas, a traditional Spanish crisp bread and the best way to accompany your drinks and meals. All our Olive Oil Tortas, called in Spanish TORTAS DE ACEITE, are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Discover the authentic and original Spanish OLIVE OIL TORTAS, your best choice at any time of day.

Discover our varieties of Tortas de Aceite de Oliva, savoury or sweet flatbreads. We offer Spanish Olive Oil Tortas in several flavors:

All our Tortas de Aceite are handmade with artisan methods and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spanish Tortas de Aceite or Olive Oil Tortas has its origin several centuries ago, although its spreading is delayed until the early twentieth century. Its genuine and unalterable recipe and its manual processing, has been passed from generation to generation until today. Originally, this delicacy was limited to special festivities, nowadays they are consumed at any time of the year and any time of the day.

Each Torta de Aceite is hand shaped giving a unique and characteristic Torta. Individually hand wrapped they are fine, delicate and crunchy having a light and airy texture. Made with natural ingredients and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegajardin Tortas are a healthy snack with 0% cholesterol to be taking at any time.

olive oil tortas tortas de aceite spanish olive oil tortas

Enjoy our Tortas de Aceite alone, with cheese, coffee, tea…

Spanish Olive Oil Tortas are a salty or sweet flat bread delicious in our four varieties

Anise Olive Oil Tortas: The most traditional Torta de Aceite with anise seeds sprinkled on top

Lemon and Cinnamon Olive Oil Tortas: Sweet flatbread with a touch of lemon and cinnamon

Orange Olive Oil Tortas: Sweet olive oil tortas with sweet orange peel.

Fine Herbs Olive Oil Tortas: The savoury variety is perfect to accompany cheese, ham or prepare any kind of tapas.

All our Spanish Tortas de Aceite are presented in packs of 180 g (170 g Fine Herbs) and containing 6 Tortas.

A unique experience with the irresistible taste of the best kept family secret…


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